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Artist named Michael Alemayehu in a smiling pose

Hello! My name is Michael Alemayehu...

Ever since I was a child, art has been the door to my imagination and provided me with a level of escapism where nothing existed but myself, a paper, and a pencil. My art fascination started when I was a kid and continues to grow as I learn and understand more about its beauty. I always felt like it was my calling and will continue to be until the end. 


I'm a self-taught artist that creates artwork that invokes a sense of fascination. From realistic portraits to wildlife, I use graphite and coloured pencils to create coloured/shaded portraits. As an Ethiopian artist, I feel a responsibility to highlight the beauty of Africa in the work that I do and always keep that in mind when completing art pieces. At the end, whatever the subject of my portrait is, I always aim to bring a level of detail to my work that catches the eye of the viewer and invokes some sense of emotion.

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